High quality polyurethane moulded foam

Foamflex Europe has, since it was founded in 2005, grown out to be a leading manufacturer of High Resilience (HR) polyurethane moulded cold cure foam. To produce this high quality PU foam, special moulds are used, which are fully customisable to the clients’ requirements. Thanks to the characteristics of its cell structure, polyurethane foam is very resilient and extremely hard wearing. It rules out any indentation and keeps the seating comfort intact throughout the years, making it the filling material of choice for all types of seating furniture, coach seats, theatre seats, examination chairs and project furniture.

The Foamflex Europe product range is categorised in 2 main types

PU moulded foam without inserts

This group of products is made out of the best quality polyurethane moulded foam. This foam is shaped by using special moulds, which are designed to fully fit the shape specifications of the end product. Foamflex Europe produces PU foam for limited series of 20 pieces, as well as for large orders of 500 pieces or more.

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PU moulded foam with integrated inserts

Foamflex Europe can also integrate inserts in the actual PU foam. These metal frames, wooden planks, plastic parts or polypress provide extra sturdiness. Such inserts can be developed and/or purchased by us, or delivered by the client. Whichever the preference, during the complete production process, quality, customisation and flexibility always prevail. 

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